Thursday, October 9, 2008


Friends D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, Chester French seeks to prove that pop music can be at once challenging and accessible. Milwaukee-raised Wallach and Boston native Drummey quickly found a lot of shared ground in musical tastes and before long had recruited three other musicians into a band playing various campus functions, eventually moving in a direction heavily influenced by classic British Northern Soul. Over the summer both stayed in Cambridge, working hard at songwriting. But when school resumed, they realized that the material went way beyond the basic guitar-bass-drums-piano format of the band, and the duo continued the work themselves, Wallach handling most of the vocals, Drummey performing much of the music on an orchestra’s-worth of instruments, supplemented with the occasional specialist guest – and both taking production and engineering duties for recordings that melded both of their sensibilities and visions.
Working along the way in a campus studio arranging, engineering and producing all sorts of sessions expanded the pair’s musical vocabulary and sense of recording innovation. With that wealth of resources at their command. Sometimes it was just a simple notion of combining sounds that might, or might not, work together.
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